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Eric Hjersing 19.08.2017

Hi Jan, You have a nice looking web page with miniatures, very good pictures. Very impressive! I would like to talk to you further about your web site and your Swedish minis. I also am collecting, have been since 1966, but have not achived more than about a tenth of your collection. Now I´m only collecting Swedish bottles and maybe you have some doubles that we could swap, hopefully! You can see my collecltion at Best wishes Eric

Mike Duppler 18.07.2017

i have a casali slivowitz with the man wearing a tophat 45 vol. % label is in great shspe and wondered the value

Oguzhan Ural 18.11.2016

Greeting from Turkey. Your collection is crazy! Your home is like a museum :) I do not drink or like alcohol much but I really like the bottles and their colors, they are so cool and beautiful... I started to collect mini bottles last year, I collected many of them so far, I buy them whenever I go to a foreign trip to another country or from a local shop when I find (or from second hand stores. If the bottle is empty, I fill it with alcohol or colored water). The problem is to find a place to put them, cause my home is not so huge and I have other collections too (like metal bottle taps, military models & figures, comic books...). Great collection and nice web site, respect!

Serge 23.01.2016

I am very impressed by your collection and site! It is almost encyclopedia! So let me kindly suggest to correct some inaccuracies. 4151 'Pannonhalmi Agyas Szilva Palinka' instead of 'Pannonhalmi Szilva' 7755 'Pannonhalmi Agyas Meggy Palinka' instead of 'Pannonhalmi Meggy Palinka' 7756 'Pannonhalmi Agyas Korte Palinka' instead of 'Pannonhalmi Korte Palinka' 7757 'Pannonhalmi Agyas Torkoly Palinka' instead of 'Pannonhalmi Torkoly Palinka' 7762 'Pannonhalmi Agyas Barack Palinka' instead of 'Pannonhalmi Barack Mezes' 7763 'Pannonhalmi Agyas Meggy Mezes' instead of 'Pannonhalmi Meggy Mezes' 7764 'Pannonhalmi Agyas Malna Mezes' instead of 'Pannonhalmi Malma Mezes' 'Agyas' = 'on the bed' (tincture on the dried fruits, usually the same ones the palinka has been distilled). It differs from traditional 'kisusti' palinkas (#4132, #7583 and so on). 5760 is not Pannanholmi palinka. It is some greek distillate. The word 'Malma' need to be corrected in the ## 7631, 7761, 7764, 9866, 12541

Peter Sabol 28.09.2015

Dobrý deň.Páči sa mi Vaša stránka, ktorá je celkovo dobré prepracovaná a patrí Vám môj obdiv. Mál by som záujem o niektoré minibottles na výmenu. zasielam Vám aderesu mojej stránky, ak si niečo vyberiete môžme sa dohodnúť.S pozdravom Peter Sabol

ВАДИМ 29.07.2015


Adrian Preda 30.06.2015

Jan congratulations for your impressive collection. You have managed to accomplish what many of us want. I am happy to see Romanian drinks in your collection :) Your website is very well done. A plus would be highlighting categories (types of drinks), as well as subcategories to collection. Best regards, Adrian Bucharest - Romania

Вадим 11.03.2015

Ян привет. Посмотрел внимательно первые три страницы. Интересуют следующие бутылочки № 5, 16, 20, 63, 160. Буду смотреть дальше